Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Year Down...

So, as of 11:32 pm tomorrow night, Aimee will officially turn one. Now that she is walking and has the attitude of a ten year old I find it hard to call her a 'baby'. Toddler seems more appropriate although it makes me very, very sad.

This year has by far been the most rewarding year of my life. I am incredibly blessed with a wonderful husband and daughter that together make a nice little family. Add Mason to the mix and you've got the perfect recipe. Someday I hope I can explain to her what she has brought to my life simply by being her. No one makes me smile bigger and laugh harder than my little girl :)

Now, if my little boy would just get on his way, life would be nice! I am currently 38 weeks and 1 day preggo. Meaning I COULD go any day now, but with my luck I won't. Hopefully at my appointment next week, my doctor will go ahead and set up an induction if I do not go into labor before then. Cross your fingers..!

Since it has been a long time since my last post I will review the past 2 months quickly..

Christmas was wonderful. Aimee didn't know what to do with all her presents and the stuff Santa brought her. It was a little surreal to be on the 'mommy' end of things this year. I must say though, I think the role fits quite nicely.

Two weeks ago we celebrated her birthday a little early at Chuck E Cheese! There was a relatively large turnout of family and friends. Aimee got cake EVERYWHERE! Nose, ears stomach, etc... As much as it hurt me to watch her get that messy, I know she was having a great time :) The Cao family is having a birthday party for her this Sunday night. She'll certainly love the attention!

I finished my first block of classes for school. Because Mason is due anytime now, I requested a medical leave of absence until April 5th. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get adjusted to life with two children before bringing the stress of school back. As rewarding as going back to school has been, I would be lying if I said it was easy. Going to school online is quite demanding and in my opinion requires a lot more discipline than normal.

Pictures will come soon! I've been very lazy about putting them on the computer :)

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